Currently, I spend most of my time as Creative Director of MetaDesign's San Francisco office. You can contact me here or through Meta if you'd like to work together.

Additional design, UX, coding, writing, concepting, and all-around brilliance by my entire creative team at MetaSF: Jeff Allison, Brady Boyle, Jonathan Haggard, Neha Hattangdi, Daya Karam, Geoff Phillips, and Hozy Rossi. And also our previous team members: Stan Zienka and Pong Ko.

A corporate wellness app and service for Fortune 1000 companies that don't want "corporate wellness." New logo, identity, copy, website and collateral. Copy by Robert Duncan.

Round 1 directions. Website comps designed with Jake Palu.

Round 2 directions.

Rebrand of the Palms Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas.

Old and new logos.

Branding system examples.

Orthographic map by Damien Scogin

Our two pitch directions: "Stay cool." and "Exactly like nothing else."

"Exactly like nothing else" had a variable logotype that would constantly rotate as applied to collateral and signage. The solid shape version with "Las Vegas" would have been the master mark for day-to-day business communications.

Interaisa rebrand. Strategy, creative direction and identity design. Ship photo by Tom Nagy.

3,000 new containers ready for delivery on a rainy day in India. It will be amazing when one makes it into San Francisco Bay.

IAL 001 being painted with the new logo.

Direction 1
This was the basis for the final identity.

Direction 2
A louder and more modern take on who Interasia could be. This direction really focused on employee pride and elevating the everyday.

Direction 3
This direction elevated the details of the shipping business to art - all framed through an Interasia frame. Original logotype by Underware (then highly modified).

Direction 4
This version of Interasia was about the precision and engineered quality of their service. Original logotype by Underware. Underware loved this logotype the most out of their explorations and really wanted this to win.
Strategy, creative direction, identity design, print collateral, UX, and site architecture for Marqeta's rebrand.

Identity concepts and visual explorations for the Marqeta identity rebrand.
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