near future summit


Zem Juaquin founded Near Future Summit to bring together inventors, entrepreneurs, media, and investors with a passion for being a metamorphic force. The experience is an intense brain strain over three days defined by presentations and displays illuminating bleeding-edge solutions — punctuated by art, music, and laughter. We collaborated with Zem and her team to create a startegy, brand, and overall visual direction for this unique annual conference. It needed to inspire, be category-agnostic, and feel like the future without being "futuristic." 

The outcome is unexpected relationships that create lasting partnerships to sustain positive change in a scalable way.


Created as Creative Director of MetaDesign.
Creative direction: Lindsay Gravette
Design: Nadia Skovorodneva, Neha Hattangdi
Website design & coding: Jonathan Haggard
Illustrations: Skip1frame
Experiential design: Starch Creative
Event photography: Robert Leslie