Phase 3.1

The website workstream kicks off with a meeting of principal stakeholders and decision makers specific to your current website. We will be looking for the team to share site key learnings and challenges, requirements and goals. The meeting will be organized as a working session and include our UX Lead and Design Lead. Post-kickoff, we will spend two days on research to review the current site in greater depth as well as review competitors and the general landscape.

elbow styleboards


Phase 3.2

Using what we heard in the Website Working Session and discovered in our independent research, we will outline and present our recommended site structure and main navigation. After we have approval, we will explore and create wireframes and up to three conceptual UX layouts. We will present the concepts to you and ask the team to align on one UX direction. From there, we will build out at least five website page templates - potentially as many as eight - and present for final approval before we start applying the final brand system in the Site Design phase.

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Phase 3.3

Using the provided content strategy and approved wireframes as a roadmap, we’ll extend the brand voice and personality through the site, with refreshed headlines (2-3 options provided per headline) and new body copy, where appropriate (for example, in the “About Us” section).


Phase 3.4

In this phase, we will combine our learnings from UX and apply the brand system finalized in the Identity Refinement phase to the final website page templates. We will stage both mobile and desktop applications.  Once we have approval on the brand identity, we will take two weeks to develop at least three design directions and ask the team to select one design concept for refinement. After two weeks of refinement, we will present the final page designs.

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Phase 3.5

We will build an SEO optimized responsive site with a generator or CMS backend, based 0n previously defined requirements. Depending on the scope of content, we may also consider other CMSes but this will be determined in our UX and Content phases. This will include migration of current content identified by your team and collaboration with internal resources in that effort. This phase includes QA and deployment.



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