We developed an identity system and user experience for this consumer genomics company that’s flexible enough to accompany info about ancestry as well as health and wellness.

Brand Identity, Website, and App UI

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Dr. Spencer Wells created the first home genomics product with The Genographic Project for National Geographic in 2005. As consumers embraced home DNA testing, Dr. Wells found that many tests only delivered a minimum amount of information. This required consumers to do their own research about what the results actually meant for them.
Insitome stands for "insights into me" and is a library of connected apps that dive deep into a specific aspect of your genome. These individual deep dives were formatted as illustrated stories, providing a more thorough, educational, and deeper connection with consumers. Regular updates and a weekly podcast provided ongoing engagement with users.
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A custom logotype and 'i' mark were the foundation for the system. The i representing a single person along with a library of different dots that represents the variations we each carry in our DNA. We integrated the i into running copy to represent the direct connection these questions about who we are and where we came from are unique to each of us.
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