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PlusPlus is an enterprise knowledge-sharing platform for empowering employees' talent. The PlusPlus platform makes it easy for employees to discover and register for relevant classes, workshops, office hours, coaching and mentoring sessions. PlusPlus hired elbow to create a distinctive, energetic brand that would grab attention and suggest the energy inherent in learning new skills.

Brand Identity, Website, Strategy, and UI

PlusPlus website
PlusPlus website
PlusPlus website
Companies have been facing new challenges with how to share internal knowledge throughout organizations; not just with new hires, but details (small and large) that sometimes slip through the cracks and remain undocumented. Our identity is based around the amplification of knowledge from person to person that PlusPlus creates. A unique logo suggests the potential of learning while bold color combinations grab attention. Organic drawings coupled with candid customer photos highlights the human core of PlusPlus.
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As we were starting up, we just had a guess of who our customers might be. elbow had a systematic approach that guided us towards the discovery of our identity. It helped us get in touch with our purpose and values. A few happy customers later, we revisited the initial assumptions to refine the brand. It remarkably stood the test of time. After all, values and purpose don't change. elbow did a great job capturing them.

Marko Gargenta
Founder & CEO