The world’s first cultivated steaks grown from the cells of Lucy, an Angus cow happily living in California, is the short version of what Aleph Farms is here to deliver. To get there, though, the brand brings together knowledge from seemingly opposing categories. (Think: traditional food preparations + cutting-edge tech.) When Aleph asked us to create not just their parent brand, Aleph Farms, but their first product brand, Aleph Cuts, we knew we’d have to whip up an innovative new recipe all our own — and one that could encapsulate both the strong and subtle flavors of both brands.

Identity design
Website design
Motion graphics
Art direction

Creative Direction, UX, & Design: Lindsay Gravette & Azi Rad
Design, UX, & Animation: Juha-Pekka Laurila
Additional Design, UX, & Direction: Taavet Kohol, Darrin Loeliger, Marko Salonen
Copywriting: Michele Jaret


Writing is the foundation of modern civilization — and Aleph is the first letter of one of humanity’s oldest writing systems, represented by an ox. The source of civilization also relied heavily on agriculture and the domestication of animals. Today, this new era of cellular agriculture brings us to a new era of how we eat and live. The name, Aleph Farms, connects us to the very roots of civilization, as we honor traditions and evolve them to meet the needs of modern society.

To create the Aleph logo, we flipped the first letter of the alphabet to (re)create an ox. The action of “flipping” lays the foundation for the rest of the identity, allowing us to make visible all the ways that Aleph flips expectation, using motion, photography, copy and more. Strategically, the ox head symbol becomes a sort of cattle brand or trademark symbol that can be used anywhere and everywhere, signifying the way Aleph products can seamlessly integrate into everyday meal settings.


Aleph Farms and Aleph Cuts are two distinctly different brands within the same family.

As the parent brand, Aleph Farms embodies the larger, mission-based origins of the company. We used straightforward type, a minimized color palette and a mix of editorial and lifestyle imagery to bring it to life.

Aleph Cuts is the first product released under the parent brand, embodying flavor, excitement and desire, as expressed through color, typographic play and editorial food imagery.

“We had a wonderful experience working with BOND. They embody everything you could ask for in a creative partner — a blend of camaraderie, empathy, and professionalism. Branding and design is their love language, as they are able to distill complex ideas into clear, concise strategies and deliver top-notch creative solutions that truly shine.”

Nicky Quinn
VP Marketing, Aleph Farms

Both visuals and brand voice were adjusted between the two brands to speak to distinct audiences. Aleph Cuts addresses a younger, culinary tastemaker audience, while Aleph Farms represents the broader mission of the parent company.

We brought Aleph’s innovative spirit all the way through into the brand guidelines themselves. The Aleph brand guidelines demonstrate the possibilities of a brand-forward digital guidebook, while remaining practical, informative, in-depth and easy to update.