There’s a gap in the field of behavioral health, and that’s where Connections Health Solutions comes in. Founded by two emergency room psychiatrists, Connections operates the most extensive behavioral health crisis facilities in the United States. Their pioneering “open door” model of care combines medical and recovery-oriented treatment for anyone in crisis. Connections create positive, lasting change while helping people return to their lives.

Bond built on Connections’ 15 years of experience, modernizing its voice to boost impact and reach more people. We designed a flexible, expandable brand to grow with them as they bring their lifesaving care to new communities nationwide.

 Visual Identity
Logo Design
Website Design
Verbal Identity
Motion Graphics
Art Direction

Creative Direction, UX, & Design: Azi Rad & Lindsay Gravette
Design, UX, & Animation: Juha-Pekka Laurila & Taavet Kohol
Additional Design & UX: Darrin Loeliger
Copywriting: Michele Jaret


Connections' new wordmark is bold, friendly, and declarative, reflecting their pioneering leadership. Geometric, unicase letterforms give the logo an approachability and clarity in line with their ethos-centered dedication to individuals and their communities.


Photographic collage and layering graphics reflect the nuances and richness of every person’s story, demonstrating how Connections see humans as multifaceted and complex individuals. This technique represents, holistic, layered care, and telegraphs notions of depth, nuance and a multiplicity of approaches.


The Connections model is firmly rooted in data and care, a key differentiator in behavioral health. We employed simple, straightforward, and conceptual data visualization to represent the science upon which the Connections model was built, adding balance to the artful photographic elements and typographic play.

Connections and its brand are about people at its core. The system can refocus its voice and style for patient and partner audiences. All the elements work together in an overall flexible system that amplifies emotion, play, science, and humanity as needed.


While kind words are nice, effective behavioral health takes much more than that - especially in moments of crisis. Physician-Led and Data-Driven means that Connections has the distinct DNA to help when nobody else can. We worked closely with Connections to develop a visual and verbal identity that reflects their mission-based, solution-focused, and patient-first ethos.

A core piece of the system is sharing the positive impact of Connections’ care through the personal stories of patients and employees. This transparency helps families, potential patients, partners, and communities see the transformative effects Connections achieves.

“BOND breathed new life into our brand. They elevated and humanized it authentically while respecting our organization’s history. No detail was too small, and it was obvious that the BOND team cared to truly understand our mission, what we do, and how it translated into every element and deliverable. They went above and beyond because they wanted us to love the brand, and we do. It is perfect.”

Marissa Lawson
SVP, Marketing and Communications, Connections