BOND Case Study

The world’s first cultivated steaks grown from the cells of Lucy, an Angus cow happily living in California, is the short version of what Aleph Farms is here to deliver. To get there, though, the brand brings together knowledge from seemingly opposing categories. (Think: traditional food preparations + cutting-edge tech.) When Aleph asked us to create not just their parent brand, Aleph Farms, but their first product brand, Aleph Cuts, we knew we’d have to whip up an innovative new recipe all our own — and one that could encapsulate both the strong and subtle flavors of both brands.

Identity design
Website design
Motion graphics
Art direction

Creative Direction, UX, & Design: Lindsay Gravette & Azi Rad
Design, UX, & Animation: Juha-Pekka Laurila
Additional Design, UX, & Direction: Taavet Kohol, Darrin Loeliger, Marko Salonen
Copywriting: Michele Jaret