Papa is a new kind of family and senior care provider connecting humans who can help, with humans who need some help. Papa started as a way to provide companionship for aging family members and has expanded to support all age groups, because everybody could use a hand, from time to time.

With humans at the heart of what Papa offers and why, we knew that we had to design an identity that landed with more of a human touch, than a business-y one. At the same time, Papa offers crucial services that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

That’s why we started with a solid, but friendly logotype, and supplemented it with joyful colors and hand-drawn imagery of human faces from all walks of life. To develop Papa’s tone of voice, we created a manifesto that gets to the heart of why the brand exists. From there, we wrote website copy and headlines that reach out to the world, while staying rooted in the ethos of the company.

Brand identity
Logo design
Verbal identity
Website design
Website development

Creative Direction, UX, & Design: Lindsay Gravette
Design, UX, & Animation: Juha-Pekka Laurila
Additional Design & Direction: Margaretha Andreassen
Copywriting: Michele Jaret